What We Do

Step Ahead specializes in working with students with mild to moderate learning disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders. We are located in Carlsbad.

We offer a variety of specialized services to meet your child's individual needs: assistance to students experiencing school difficulties; working on social skills with those who struggle with making friends; and helping young adults transition into living and working on their own.

Our program understands the importance of incorporating a variety of creative teaching styles and strategies in order to meet the unique needs and challenges of each individual student. We use innovative and multi-sensory based techniques, along with specialized movements, yoga and exercise to promote learning throughout the day. Our students learn how to build on their strengths, talents and abilities, and overcome their weaknesses. Our goal is to give students the skills they need for lifelong learning and success.

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About the Founder - Kelly Colerick

Kelly Colerick has been working with students with special needs for five years. She is a credentialed Special Education Teacher and General Education Teacher through the State of California. Kelly completed her Masters of Science in Special Education in 2010. Her work focused on the effects of exercise on students with special needs. She believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise and feels that incorporating it into a positive learning environment will aid in the success of all students.

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Phone: 858 384-1145

Email: info@StepAheadSanDiego.com